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Dec 12, China's first fast charge standard will be public
When OPPO's advertising"charging five minutes, talking for two hours" covers every city, it quickly fills people's horizons and lives.But fast-charging technology is not just there, it has been developed rapidly.Qualcomm QC, mediatek PE, PD fast charge, plus the domestic meizu, OPPO, huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers research and development of fast charging technology, can be said to be a hundred flowers, competing in a competitive situation.The advent of fast charging technology not only facilitates people's life, but also solves the panic of users of mobile phones.But at the same time, the big companies are running around in the field, resulting in the fast charging of the electric appliances incompatible with each other, also brought a lot of trouble to people.Finally, a good news hit, China's first rapid charge unification standard will be released on December 12.
According to industry sources, the 2017 rapid charging technology standard and application seminar will be held in songshan lake in dongguan on December 12.According to the exposure of speech PPT slides we know China institute of information communication, thayer terminal LABS launched the mobile communication terminal with quick charge technical requirements and test methods to be released.The plan will also define "quick charging", and unify charging mode and communication protocol, safety performance, electrical characteristics and reliability.

The country's first fast charge standard will break the previous fast charge agreement, which is incompatible with each other, laying the foundation for the great unification of fast charging technology.And will become the domestic smartphone manufacturer, operator's mobile communication terminal fast charge product inspection standard.
That would be good news for consumers.As soon as the standard is released, our charging will become more and more convenient, and we may not have to spare all kinds of quick charging appliances in the future.
As our Tommox product design shows: "multi-in-one charging experience, one is enough".

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