Founded in Shenzhen, China, Case-Spices is a professional leather case and handbag manufacturer specializing in application development, material integration, manufacturing, production management and after-service. With the experience spanning 5 years in domestic market, Case-Spices has started its business reaching overseas clients since 2005.

Formed by a team of very successful and proven industry veterans, Case-Spices adopts different raw material and use diverse crafts to creat stylish cases and hangbags fitting for electronic products,
tools etc. Case-Spices occupies over 5000 square meters, possesses over 100 experienced technicians and skilled workers. Case-Spices has assembled series of production lines to do bulk production per client's demands, roll out 10 million every month. Plus our strict management system and abundant raw material sourcing channels, Case-Spices can guarantee that all products are able to satisfy client's quality standards and produced to specifications.

In business today, we understand that services, qualities and prices are the most important factors that help us stay competitive. Therefore, our company is integrated with a one-way stop service to provide our customers with top quality and efficiency. From raw material sourcing, designing to manufacturing and finally packaging, our company can offer you services in all areas. Along with our designing team, we can help our customers with any design related problems. To enhance qualities, our factories carry our own teams of QC that carefully examine the production process to maintain the quality of our products. In today world, we understand that elements like transportation, communication are time and costly. But with our one-way stop service, restraints in communication and transportation can be eliminated, time can be saved, and costs lowered.

CaseSpices is a strong and solid manufacturing company that you can trust. Our company maintains good business relationship with our customers. All our staffs are fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, which can assist any customers who are unfamiliar with the China market. We would like our customers to have confidence, and be fully satisfied in doing business with us. We Case-Spices Team will continually creat the value for clients and strive to do much better in future.