Our Process
Each one of our products is handcrafted with extreme care and attention to the smallest detail by the most skilled leather artisans, only using the highest quality Argentine leather. The constant innovation reflects the company鈥檚 unstoppable desire to satisfy the most demanding customers around the world.
Always keeping the pace of the changing times. But we also decided to take it further. At Vaja we feel the process wouldn鈥檛 be complete without you, that鈥檚 why our customization process becomes an imaginary canvas where you have the chance to express yourself and make it yours in a unique way: your way.
Leather Lining

As every detail is important to us, the inside of all our cases are softly and delicately lined. We offer two different options the "Soft Leather Lining", in which the inside of the case is completely lined in a light brown soft leather (this option is used in most of our cases), and the "Matching Leather Lining" in which the inside of the case is fully lined with the same leather option you have selected for the outside.

Matching Leather Lining
Soft Leather Lining
Magnetic Closure

It has been specially designed to avoid the accidental opening of the lid while the case is carried on the belt, briefcase or bag. It consists of two powerful magnets inserted in the leather; one situated in the base or lower part of the case, and the other at the bottom of the lid to allow a fast and easy opening. Although these magnets are powerful, they鈥檙e harmless to your electronic device.


We offer the sharpest and most precise cutouts to gain access to almost all the buttons and every function of the equipment. Thus, the head-phone cutout allows a perfect way into the the headphone plug hole and the DF/SD memory expansion cards cutout enables cards to be introduced into the device or removed from it while the case is closed. Every edge of the cutout area sits flat and remains fit to your device without buldging or gaping outwards.


This option can be selected to identify you as the real owner of the handheld device along with the case. Using an advanced laser engraving system, your case can be embossed on the lid inside or on its back surface with your name or company's logo. This will give your case a distinguishable touch turning it into a unique and off-the-shelf product.

Snap Closure

When the case is closed, the snap strap keeps the device鈥檚 connector at the bottom protected, and the cover firmly in place. Most of our cases have this kind of closure because of its steadiness.

Memory Slot

Some of our cases have slots for the SD, MMC, CF or MS cards on the inside of the lid. These slots have a new design that allow the cards to be safely stored and prevents any sliding or loss, even when the lid is open.

Stainless Mesh Protection

This high quality mesh made of stainless steel protects your devices鈥 microphone and speaker against dust or any harmful particle.